Wharton MBA vs Harvard MBA: Which Business School is Best?

The most basic and essential difference between the Wharton MBA and Harvard MBA Schools is that the Wharton is the school of realities while the Harvard is the school of stories. Wharton’s training technique rotates around numbers and it is a reality cut B-School and Harvard, then again, utilizes ‘contextual analysis’ strategy for instructing. In the expressions of J.J. Cutler, an agent dignitary of Wharton’s MBA Admissions and Career Services, “We are a reality based and information driven business school. We don’t have an appeal style approach. We let the information driven us and help lead us to the arrangements.”
Comparison of Facts between Wharton MBA and Harvard MBA
Applications (Class of 2017)
Female students, international students
41 pc, 34 pc
43 pc, 32 pc
GMAT range, median GMAT, median GPA
510-790, 725, 3.7
620-790, 732, NA
Work experience, range
4.1 years, NA
5 years, 0-16 years
Most common educational degree

Sources: Various websites
Thus, presently you know the fundamental distinction between the Required GMAT Score, Acceptance Rate, Female Ratio, International Students Percentage and so on of Wharton and Harvard MBA. These two B-Schools are situated at two unique areas for example Philadelphia and Boston. The Harvard and Wharton MBA organizations are known for the best practice admissions workplaces, Course Structure, Faculties, Career Services Staff and graduated class workplaces. The resources and different administrations at both the B-Schools are best in class. The Wharton MBA School accepts more in realities and it’s all the more inclining towards ordinary exploration side while Harvard instructing techniques are nearer to proficient practice and viable significance.
Throughout the long term, the Wharton rankings have improved in a considerable lot of the world rankings like Business Week, Financial Times, US News and World Report, and so on Most as of late, the Wharton rankings have slipped a piece and lost its top situation to the Harvard MBA. Harvard rankings are better and it is at top situation by a portion of the rankings as given in the below table:
Program Fee
The Wharton Program fee is around $105,000 and for Harvard MBA the program fee is around $102,000 (information is for the class entering in 2016).
Post-graduation Salary
The students from these two top foundations generally work with monetary administrations area and procure a middle beginning base compensation of $125,000-$130,000 yearly and frequently get sign-on rewards of about $25000.
Both the B-Schools have distinction and practically equivalent brand esteem yet Harvard MBA has a little edge over Wharton MBA outside the USA. Harvard School of Business holds a superior brand an incentive among the worldwide students. Wharton is known to be predominantly a money school yet now it’s changing its standing by chipping away at its showcasing procedures.
Brand and prestige
Along these lines, when you are choosing about the B-Schools and need to pick between the two, simply think the above variables as a main priority and assess your alternatives. You ought to pick the one which is in-a state of harmony with your career designs and long haul objectives.

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